Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Cosplay Alice: sketches and drafts for my latest zine project

Sketches and drafts of #cosplay Alice, my latest personal zine project. This is pretty much a continuation/derivatives of a previous DIMs zine project: Alice and Co.

1. Hatter Alice
2. Hare Alice (I settled with an OL design for some reason???)
3. Dorm mouse Alice
4. Cheshire Alice
5. Blue Butterfly Alice
6. White Rabbit Alice
7. Red Queen Alice
8. White Queen Alice
9. Knight Alice
10. Card Soldier Alice
11. Lion(ess) Alice, the fighter
12. Unicorn Alice, the boxer
13. Casual Modern Alice, the skater
14. ギヤル Alice (the lazy kind)
15. Rabo-Alice
16. Tennis/Soccer Alice (Q)
17. Karate/Kendo Alice (Q)


Saturday, December 8, 2018

Inktober and Slowvember 2018 - a very belated wrap-up for this year's art challenges

I got a confession to make - I'm friggin addicted to the SVS podcast: Three Points Perspective, which I listened to in loop when all the podcast updates'd been done. This is perhaps not that strange considering that two of my favourite illustrations-related Youtube channels' been the Mr Jake Parker and Will Terry's channels. I often listen to them while I hammer away at my daily drawing project at night. It is, therefore, obvious when the few art challenge that I participate or take up being the #inktober and #draw50things, whereas I decided to combine the #draw50things challenge with the #slowvember from Lee White, thanks to their SVS podcast.

Please visit my project page at if you'll like to see each of these drawings in more detail. I hope you'll find these drawings fun to look at as much as enjoyed drawing them. Cheers =]