Hats on, people!

Comic drafts for the CwG strip 83

Comic drafts for the CwG strip 82

GIF for Social Network #4 - twitter

something I working on at the moment

GIF for Social Network #3 - facebook

GIF for Social Network #2 - pinterest


original draft for CwG Comic-56: HIGH

comics draft that never get finished

minutes sketches from my EDC notebook

some sketches here and there


GIF for Social Network #1 - tumblr


Something I'm working on at the moment

the hand

Random pattern design

CwG draft: moon chair


the Toy Maker

frog comic

a random sketch from my notebook

stick robot loves apple

my sketch of 'ol Cheshire and the White Rabbit

CwG draft: Jo on a pegasus

my Dorm Mouse

another page from my notebook...

a page from my note/sketch-book...

CwG draft: Bear

CwG draft: unipony


CwG draft: frowning is a skill


Ideas / 3

Ideas / 6 REJOICE

Ideas / 7

Jo & Totoro

NB Sketch

Night shift rough draft & plan