Random sketch done in Procreate

My new pocket notebook

New CwG page inked and ready for digital editing

Sally Pooh Vector drawings

CwG draft

CwG Raw

Keep going~

Sally the Pooh Drafts

Scanned draft of CwG post: Buffering

Getting ready for the next CwG strip

A page from my notebook

Tea & Coffee (Paper by 53)

Quick sketch of a friend's baby

Daily Mac Apps

A Cat with Goggles draft for #109 strip

random sketches

The fish that flew - colouring in quick video

The fish that flew - sped up line art

The fish that flew - PAPER (53) Draft

Cat with Goggles draft and line art for "Sorry Peeps"

Let's go on

something I drew in Paper (by 53)

warm-up sketch of a random dude that I may or mayn't have seen on the street today