Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Cosplay Alice: sketches and drafts for my latest zine project

Sketches and drafts of #cosplay Alice, my latest personal zine project. This is pretty much a continuation/derivatives of a previous DIMs zine project: Alice and Co.

1. Hatter Alice
2. Hare Alice (I settled with an OL design for some reason???)
3. Dorm mouse Alice
4. Cheshire Alice
5. Blue Butterfly Alice
6. White Rabbit Alice
7. Red Queen Alice
8. White Queen Alice
9. Knight Alice
10. Card Soldier Alice
11. Lion(ess) Alice, the fighter
12. Unicorn Alice, the boxer
13. Casual Modern Alice, the skater
14. ギヤル Alice (the lazy kind)
15. Rabo-Alice
16. Tennis/Soccer Alice (Q)
17. Karate/Kendo Alice (Q)